Finding a Favorite Bookstore: 518/845

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February 16, 2016 by carlywont

Bookstores are the shit.

I tried starting this blog a million different ways, but that’s basically what I want to convey. Bookstores are just seriously fun to be in; exploring a wonderful bookstore is one of my favorite things in the world—right up there with having a cold beer on a sunny day and hearing my son giggle uncontrollably.

Austin’s bookstores were pretty great. I’m a sucker for the giant that is BookPeople. Plus I had access to Malvern Books, Recycled Reads, BookWoman, Farewell Books, South Congress Books, on and on and on.

But, alas, here I am in the Great Cold North. And in addition to finding my favorite local grocery store, hair stylist, car repairman and place to get a really awesome taco, I need to find my go-to bookstore in the greater Albany area.

In pursuit of this goal, I’ve been making a list of area bookstores throughout the Capital District and mid-Hudson Valley.

After using my handy-dandy Yelp app and a call for submissions on my Twitter account, here’s what’s on my radar so far:

  • I Love Books (Delmar)
  • Open Door Bookstore (Schenectady)
  • Dove & Hudson (Albany)
  • Book House (Albany)
  • Market Block Books (Troy)
  • Northshire Bookstore (Saratoga)
  • The Chatham Bookstore (Chatham)
  • Berkshire Books (Chatham)
  • Spotty Dog Books (Hudson)
  • Hudson City Books (Hudson)
  • Inquiring Mind Bookstore (Saugerties)
  • Our Bookshop (Saugerties)
  • The Golden Notebook (Woodstock)
  • Half Moon Books (Kingston)
  • Oblong Books & Music (Rhinebeck)

I’ll post periodic bookstore reviews over the next few months and will hopefully have determined my favorite by the end of the year. (If not, I’m not sure anyone will be getting any Christmas presents from me.)

I can’t help but think that perhaps reviewing bookstores is a bit of a stupid idea. I mean I’m going to go ahead and do it, but, the truth is, even a sucky, no-good bookstore is basically awesome. Because it’s a store full of books. And damn, that’s just great.

In the meantime, let’s just wish we lived in Brussels. Or Paris. Or Ojai. Or any of the other cities that are home to the 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World.


(Did I miss your favorite Hudson Valley or Albany-area bookstore? Give me a shout!)



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