Three Staycation Reads

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February 9, 2017 by carlywont

When you have a newborn, life becomes very, very small.


Not only are you constantly surrounded by miniature clothes, impossibly tiny diapers and a cherubic little creature you can scarcely believe is human, your world itself becomes more constricted than ever before.

. . . Especially if you’re a dumbass like me and have a baby in the middle of winter. 

I’ve left the house “for fun” exactly once in the past four weeks—a trip to Target to buy my older son Valentine chocolates during which I rushed through the store so I could get home before the baby wanted to breastfeed again. We went outside yesterday for the first extended period of time (it was a balmy 45 degrees) and I felt like I’d been born again. This is how far gone I am.

So, needless to say, I’ve become very familiar with the confines of my house the past month.


By nature, I’m not a homebody by any means. While my husband and toddler are perfectly happy to live life in our 2,200 square feet, I’m going a little stir crazy.

To cope, I’ve gone a bit Google nuts planning elaborate vacations, making lists of restaurants I want to check out and brainstorming new hiking locations.

But, unfortunately, going on vacation, or to a nice restaurant or on a long hike are way in the future for me. Like years away. And I don’t go back to work for another eight weeks.

SO I’ve got no choice but to settle into my Staycation and make the most of it. Besides changing diapers, nursing 24/7 and trying to play “Paw Patrol” with my toddler while I hold the baby, I’m also reading. A lot.


And for this month I’ve selected three Staycation Reads.

What is a Staycation Read? Well, in my case, it’s something light, fluffy and easy to get through while I’m half brain dead from sleep deprivation. If I can’t get to the beach itself, I can at least read some veritable “beach reads.”

Here’s what I’ve selected:


American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld

This book came recommended by quite a few trusted sources, so I’m curious to read it. It’s not a plot I’d normally be very interested in.


The Ramblers by Aidan Donnelley Rowley

Also a recommendation by a reader friend of mine. A book about confused 30-somethings in NYC? Sign me up.


Modern Lovers by Emma Straub

I’ve followed Emma Straub on Instagram for a few years now so it’s about time I gave one of her books a shot.

So there ya have it. I’m looking forward to using these books as distractions to help numb the monotony of my current daily life.

And, yes, I realize it’s a bit of a stretch to call taking care of a newborn and toddler full time a “Staycation” but I figured it’s a catchier title than “Three House Arrest Reads.”



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